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Big Brutus put the oooohs and aaahs in the backyard of the Heartlands!!! Miles before you reach this retired giant — you can see it on the horizon south of West Mineral, Kansas. Standing beside it makes one aware of how fragile he or she is.<br />
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The statistics give the hard cold picture —<br />
<br />
Bucyrus Erie model 1850B<br />
largest electric shovel in the world<br />
16 stories tall (160 feet)<br />
weight 11 million pounds<br />
boom 150 feet long<br />
dipper capacity 90 cu. yds (by heaping, 150 tons — enough to fill three railroad cars.)<br />
maximum speed .22 MPH<br />
cost $6.5 million (in 1962)<br />
There is more to Big Brutus than cold steel and long shadows falling across the Mined Land Wildlife Area. Big Brutus is not just a symbol of the past, but an eternal tribute to the mining heritage of Southeast Kansas and to miners all across this nation who toiled to support their families.<br />
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On July 13, 1985, Big Brutus was dedicated as "a Museum and Memorial Dedicated to the Rich Coal Mining History in Southeast Kansas."<br />
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In September 1987 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) designated Big Brutus a Regional Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark, the 10th since 1971 to be so designated.